Saturday, 29 June 2013

CHANGE!!!!! The effect Opera's legend's ball had on me.

My friend sheila sent this video to me today . When I finally watched it, I got chills. I could not get ENOUGH! wanted to know the entire story behind that snippet. So, I YouTube searched like crazy. Even though I didn't know the title of the video, I still found it.

My heart felt big.My eyes became heavy and I shed a tear. This was just so touching, so touching.
I have dreams , none  of these dreams would be nowhere conceivable without the actions of these woman. I am not American, but, the actions of  these woman  have influence the future of black women  all over the world.

This video made me want to GO! Do IT! I will reach that dream to empower women , help women , change women. change a heart, a mind , help revive a lost soul and put a smile on a once hopeless face. I will get there.


Monday, 24 June 2013

DIY crop top

I am Caribbean and naturally a lover of everything Caribbean. When my cousin invited me to a soca music concert I could not find any excuse not to go. I am a lover of soca and all types of music to shake my big booty. After admittedly  having a week of much too much shopping .This includes visits to H&M ,mango and forever21 sales , orders from river island , on more than one occasion. I have to band myself for a while.

Saturday was my summer solstice,The day just went one. From collecting a wedding dress with my friend, to going see her new apartment , to visiting another friend's new apartment  and going shopping AGAIN. 
I must say at that point I felt I had overdosed on shopping . Me! But yes too much of anything can get repetitive. 

I got home rather late but still had to rest before I  left for the the soca event.
This outfit was not planned. After putting on my shapers (control pants) I slipped on this midi skirt and realized 
1. I don't have any crop tops and,
2.I need new shapers (Control pants).
I searched and found this orange and black chiffon leopard print  sleeveless blouse and  created and created my own crop top. 

 So I DIY-ed it , I  unbuttoned half of the blouse and tied it just underneath my breast. Took the remaining material from and tucked some in to my cleavage area . BOOM! crop top created.

I lost my earring my dancing . But hey I still rocked it.  Make up mac , lipstick YSL


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Instagram baby! Facebook is now my side thing

Well actually I am cheating on them both.
Instagram knows I will not leave Facebook for it.We are both fine with that arrangement and Facebook knows I have this thing with Instagram ,CATCH 22 much?
 I always had Instagram installed on my phone but,never used it as a social networking application. I would sometimes put my phone in plane mode just so that my pictures edited would not upload as I was a extremely private. An example of how private I am is I change my profile picture on my Facebook once a year. Don't be shocked , I have a Facebook page which allows to express myself . Are you still shocked? Yes once a year. Moving on.
So for the beginning of the year I started being a bit braver and stopped using plane mode . What I learnt? I really like how Instagram functions. It's an A* app. You all are who are not on Instagram need to get on it . 
They just lunched a new addition to their app today.Now you can upload videos . This is so exciting. Think of the snippets of videos you could place on their to tantalise your followers.Even though the maximum time you can have is 15 seconds I think it's is still so worth it .
The app looks the same and has the filters just like the original application to help enhance you 15 seconds of pure recorded movement
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Black and Blue all over me, but soo worth it!

No I haven't been beaten up, I am talking about my dress.This dress I bought during the winter at George/Asda , Walmart for my American followers. website below.,default,sc.html

This dress is supper comfortable and sexy .Now tell me how often do get that in an outfit? The blue diamond pattern on the sides enhances any shape and is perfect for the work environment.  It also creates an illusion making you look even curvier than you really are or rather accentuates every bit of you .Yes! thank you very much, I am up for that!
This would would work well both for the conservative dresser and the risk taker. 
I am a risk taker btw. But I keep it a slight secret when at work.

This necklace I also bought in the winter . I was a random buy as I stepped into Newlook ( and said I am getting nothing and walked out with a shopping a as usual. Confession of a shopaholic. 
I did my hair myself , it was plaited in bunches of 3 and the pinned up into this style .


Saturday, 15 June 2013

African market day

I had an amazing day with my friends at the African market day . 


In the changing room drama!

In the changing room telling myself I only live once . Get it ! It cute !It's cheap and its one of my favourite colours .

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All Natural Locs: Everyday Locs Styles for Men

All Natural Locs: Everyday Locs Styles for Men: I recently went in search of men's everyday styles that can be worn at work or out  on the town.  Thankfully, many folks had the same t...

African print

Africa in me. This skirt was a gift from Sierra Leone . You can see I have shown my appreciation .This has jump started my once you pop you can stop engine . Now I want everything african print .

After attending an African market event on Sunday

 I have met some people who can make that 'everything African print dream come true. So,now, i have  a seamstress  my clothes and a dam good price. very excited, yes I am.I will keep you all updated on what I have made.

I will be contacting:




Check them out!


Sunday, 2 June 2013

When summer lived

wow, I am finally here, I know you all will welcome me,  showing me some sweet love  as a new blogger.

So, here goes my first post.

 This hair style was done in a matter of ten minutes like most of my styles as I  use to late every time meeting friend. No more as now I preach what  I practice. When we meet in the future I will be on time. And I now Am.
My earrings  are most likely from Brixton market (London)costing a bank breaking £1
Dress- £8
shoes and bag-Primark £7
Bangles and ring-Primark £1

Look at my prices , you can see like a bargain. 
Until next time.


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