Saturday, 29 June 2013

CHANGE!!!!! The effect Opera's legend's ball had on me.

My friend sheila sent this video to me today . When I finally watched it, I got chills. I could not get ENOUGH! wanted to know the entire story behind that snippet. So, I YouTube searched like crazy. Even though I didn't know the title of the video, I still found it.

My heart felt big.My eyes became heavy and I shed a tear. This was just so touching, so touching.
I have dreams , none  of these dreams would be nowhere conceivable without the actions of these woman. I am not American, but, the actions of  these woman  have influence the future of black women  all over the world.

This video made me want to GO! Do IT! I will reach that dream to empower women , help women , change women. change a heart, a mind , help revive a lost soul and put a smile on a once hopeless face. I will get there.


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