Thursday, 20 June 2013

Instagram baby! Facebook is now my side thing

Well actually I am cheating on them both.
Instagram knows I will not leave Facebook for it.We are both fine with that arrangement and Facebook knows I have this thing with Instagram ,CATCH 22 much?
 I always had Instagram installed on my phone but,never used it as a social networking application. I would sometimes put my phone in plane mode just so that my pictures edited would not upload as I was a extremely private. An example of how private I am is I change my profile picture on my Facebook once a year. Don't be shocked , I have a Facebook page which allows to express myself . Are you still shocked? Yes once a year. Moving on.
So for the beginning of the year I started being a bit braver and stopped using plane mode . What I learnt? I really like how Instagram functions. It's an A* app. You all are who are not on Instagram need to get on it . 
They just lunched a new addition to their app today.Now you can upload videos . This is so exciting. Think of the snippets of videos you could place on their to tantalise your followers.Even though the maximum time you can have is 15 seconds I think it's is still so worth it .
The app looks the same and has the filters just like the original application to help enhance you 15 seconds of pure recorded movement
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