Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Black and Blue all over me, but soo worth it!

No I haven't been beaten up, I am talking about my dress.This dress I bought during the winter at George/Asda , Walmart for my American followers. website below.


This dress is supper comfortable and sexy .Now tell me how often do get that in an outfit? The blue diamond pattern on the sides enhances any shape and is perfect for the work environment.  It also creates an illusion making you look even curvier than you really are or rather accentuates every bit of you .Yes! thank you very much, I am up for that!
This would would work well both for the conservative dresser and the risk taker. 
I am a risk taker btw. But I keep it a slight secret when at work.

This necklace I also bought in the winter . I was a random buy as I stepped into Newlook (http://www.newlook.com/) and said I am getting nothing and walked out with a shopping a as usual. Confession of a shopaholic. 
I did my hair myself , it was plaited in bunches of 3 and the pinned up into this style .



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