Monday, 22 July 2013


 I was off  to a park festival .I was so excited to be seeing my cousins and the rest of the crew.  The event was surprisingly good. Filled with good music, SO much food and of course loads of people. Thinking of it now, I should have bought more.
Like  most of my outfits, I cant resist colour blocking and putting togther no-matching items. I do not care to much for matching . This sleeveless jeans shirt I bought  from Dorothy Perkins, necklace H&M , bag Primark , earrings £1 earring shops, shoes also featured in my previous blogpost,  A BODYCON CAN NO LIES  is from H&M and should still be on sale. Last but not least, this statement pencil shirt is from Republic Brighton.

As I mostly shop in sale. This skirt is one of my favorite impulse buys. I just had to have it. I saw the colour , grabbed it and ran to pay.The black printed diamond pattern gives the skirt an ethnic feel which creates a bold look paired with the orange wedges and purple earrings.

Now  I wasn't about   to wear wedges to the park, no way, not this woman. Ill save that for special moments. luckily I had a pair of scandals , 3 years old might I add which worked perfectly . so my question to you is, which works best with  this  outfit?  Wedges or Sandals?


Sunday, 21 July 2013


This post is to show you a quick fix to a minor problem I had over the weekend. All you need are safety pins.
I got all dressed up. Took this picture an realised that even though my self made crop top fitted, my breast were rebelling.

I had a light bulb moment (TADAH!) and with the
Help of my friend it was sorted.
All you need are two saftey pins and you are set to go.
It is easier to pin the spaces in place while the top is on. 
Unpin your top to the first stretched out space and  place the pin from inside the shirt. Repeat for the second space. Then you are done.
This technique can be used on any material.Size of pin depends on the size of the stretched space. Be careful! dont go picking your lovely breast all over , remember you are not checking on a baking cake.It's called a safety pin for a reason. 

Below are the pins I used


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A bodycon can tell no lies

Out on  Brighton beach front looking for an RnB or Hiphop club at about 3am. As a Londoner the  night was still young. Brighton had different plans for me but I was one step ahead.  After a night  of mostly Techno music ( I wanted to experience something different) My hips remembered its past and wanted to move like it use to. The beachfront clubs were not allowing anymore people in. So, my friend and I decide to party or shall  I say dance on the spot.

It was 1990's RnB , My soul was set., we didn't have to pay entry but still enjoyed the music.
Whilst taking this pic on the beach front. a lady came up to me saying . I want your bum! I want your breast! I AM NOT JOKING! She was so persistent, if I could have, I would have given her a pound or two just to help her out and for free.
I thought dam you BODYCON! You have revealed my not so secret silhouette again!

Anytime I wear a bodycon dress I get this  reaction . The first time , I was out for my friend's birthday . While talking to a mural friend , a lady stepped in saying I don't mean to interrupt but , you have the best bum I have  I have ever seen. I then giggled like a school girl  and blushed.

I bought this dress from  newlook couple months ago. It should still be in stock as bodycon midi dresses are on trend . I bought my orange  wedges at H&M a year ago , but  from my recent visit they have been restocked this summer. My Mini clutch is a primark antic believe it or not,  is about 6 or 7 years old.


Monday, 8 July 2013

Shockingly sexy at work

I know I go on continuously about how England do not have a summer. I can assure you I am not exaggerating. We only experience two seasons autumn and winter. Anyway, the first week of July was just amazing. I can now wear summer clothes WOOP, WOOP! 

I grew tired of wearing the same old things to work so I put this number together .This outfit does not cost much to put together but will still make a huge impact.

As I walked around the office, my colleagues heads turn in a domino effect fashion. As I walked up to say hello to one of my friends she stop eating her fruit salad and just stared . So I asked, is  something wrong? Are you ok?
She replied:  You  look nice. 
I smiled and said, thank you .
I then walked  to another colleague to bring her a gift , the two ladies stood staring again and one of them curiously said. Do you do squats?

I replied, well, I go to the gym. Well I could not admit to her that  it was my shapers (control pants) doing most of my squats at the moment. I do go to gym, truthfully  I do.I mean these colleagues see me everyday. Why was this outfit was so different? Well,  my answer this question is. I added a big splash of colour to  a classic pencil skirt which enhanced my silhouette, then I added a statement piece necklace and a little lipstick

Sunglasses- Mango sale june 2013 . £6.00
Jacket- H&M ,2012 - £30.00
Basic long sleeve yellow top -Primark ,£3.00
Aztec print pencil Skirt-Primark ,2012 ,£8.00


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Flower power

Lime green wedges, flowery peplum dress, lime green bangles, hair wrapped up and earrings made from dried palm tree leaves. 

For me, this was the first day of summer in London, England. Anyone who has spent a summer in the United Kingdom or lives here knows that hot weather is like a blue moon. Scarcely seen and somewhat fictitious.

It was my very good friends Basi's birthday. I bought this dress a couple months ago in the Forever 21 sale  and was longing greatly to wear it. I featured the dress as one of my first blog post. 

The dress is super comfortable and lord knows, I felt sexy in my Asos lime green wedges paired with this dress.

As I walked out of Highbury and Islington tube station Google stated I had a 6 minute walk to meet the girlies at Lucky Voice.
 I strutted down that road knowing that the tax I pay monthly made my runway (the side walk ) so I 
walked like I owned this shit. Of course people stared at me, did I care? Yes, I wanted to know which part of my outfit they liked. 



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