Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A bodycon can tell no lies

Out on  Brighton beach front looking for an RnB or Hiphop club at about 3am. As a Londoner the  night was still young. Brighton had different plans for me but I was one step ahead.  After a night  of mostly Techno music ( I wanted to experience something different) My hips remembered its past and wanted to move like it use to. The beachfront clubs were not allowing anymore people in. So, my friend and I decide to party or shall  I say dance on the spot.

It was 1990's RnB , My soul was set., we didn't have to pay entry but still enjoyed the music.
Whilst taking this pic on the beach front. a lady came up to me saying . I want your bum! I want your breast! I AM NOT JOKING! She was so persistent, if I could have, I would have given her a pound or two just to help her out and for free.
I thought dam you BODYCON! You have revealed my not so secret silhouette again!

Anytime I wear a bodycon dress I get this  reaction . The first time , I was out for my friend's birthday . While talking to a mural friend , a lady stepped in saying I don't mean to interrupt but , you have the best bum I have  I have ever seen. I then giggled like a school girl  and blushed.

I bought this dress from  newlook couple months ago. It should still be in stock as bodycon midi dresses are on trend . I bought my orange  wedges at H&M a year ago , but  from my recent visit they have been restocked this summer. My Mini clutch is a primark antic believe it or not,  is about 6 or 7 years old.


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