Thursday, 1 August 2013


I didn't go to a thrift shop of any kind  to pull off this outfit. I loc style fashion shop online mostly . I feel it's easier, more convenient and fits right into my lifestyle.My cousin and I stepped into Syd's vintage store in Sydenham,South London on our way to a wedding. The owner of the shop clearly thought we fitted in perfectly so she featured us on her Facebook page.

Have a look here

If I had to name this dress,I would call it the dust buster. STOP LAUGHING! Seriously. As beautiful as this dress may be, every type of dirt imaginable from make up to unexplained prints were left on the dress through out the day.

It was like a map . Starting from my top half to the hem line. Hansel and Gretel didn't need any bread crumbs to find their way home if they lived on this dress , I tell you ! 
Luckily , despite my dress being a dust buster, it looked positively radiant in photos. Always a plus.

Now, one other problem I had with this dress was I could not tell the colour . NO, you cheeky monkey I am not colour blind .Well the issue is, I expected a yellow bright lemon dress. When I received the dress, it looked more like a lime colour on its way to being  ripe. I am telling you, I was confused.
At the end of the wedding my friend  called me over asking excitedly as she was having a discussion with someone.What colour is your dress? As I walked over I admitted , held my hand up and said, I do not know guys. As I expect lemon but received something like lime, but anyway its all citrus. The two ladies then had  mini debate between them on whether it was lime or lemon. 
This dress is from , shoes from river island ,clutch from asos ,necklace H&M and earrings Primark . 
Hair- Done by me. 
Lipstick , ruby woo Mac cosmetics


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  1. The citrus dress pops! Looking fabulous as usual


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