Monday, 22 July 2013


 I was off  to a park festival .I was so excited to be seeing my cousins and the rest of the crew.  The event was surprisingly good. Filled with good music, SO much food and of course loads of people. Thinking of it now, I should have bought more.
Like  most of my outfits, I cant resist colour blocking and putting togther no-matching items. I do not care to much for matching . This sleeveless jeans shirt I bought  from Dorothy Perkins, necklace H&M , bag Primark , earrings £1 earring shops, shoes also featured in my previous blogpost,  A BODYCON CAN NO LIES  is from H&M and should still be on sale. Last but not least, this statement pencil shirt is from Republic Brighton.

As I mostly shop in sale. This skirt is one of my favorite impulse buys. I just had to have it. I saw the colour , grabbed it and ran to pay.The black printed diamond pattern gives the skirt an ethnic feel which creates a bold look paired with the orange wedges and purple earrings.

Now  I wasn't about   to wear wedges to the park, no way, not this woman. Ill save that for special moments. luckily I had a pair of scandals , 3 years old might I add which worked perfectly . so my question to you is, which works best with  this  outfit?  Wedges or Sandals?


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