Monday, 8 July 2013

Shockingly sexy at work

I know I go on continuously about how England do not have a summer. I can assure you I am not exaggerating. We only experience two seasons autumn and winter. Anyway, the first week of July was just amazing. I can now wear summer clothes WOOP, WOOP! 

I grew tired of wearing the same old things to work so I put this number together .This outfit does not cost much to put together but will still make a huge impact.

As I walked around the office, my colleagues heads turn in a domino effect fashion. As I walked up to say hello to one of my friends she stop eating her fruit salad and just stared . So I asked, is  something wrong? Are you ok?
She replied:  You  look nice. 
I smiled and said, thank you .
I then walked  to another colleague to bring her a gift , the two ladies stood staring again and one of them curiously said. Do you do squats?

I replied, well, I go to the gym. Well I could not admit to her that  it was my shapers (control pants) doing most of my squats at the moment. I do go to gym, truthfully  I do.I mean these colleagues see me everyday. Why was this outfit was so different? Well,  my answer this question is. I added a big splash of colour to  a classic pencil skirt which enhanced my silhouette, then I added a statement piece necklace and a little lipstick

Sunglasses- Mango sale june 2013 . £6.00
Jacket- H&M ,2012 - £30.00
Basic long sleeve yellow top -Primark ,£3.00
Aztec print pencil Skirt-Primark ,2012 ,£8.00



  1. Ha! 'Do you do squats?' *dead*
    But why do work folk think they can ask you such questions??


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