Wednesday, 21 August 2013


So the Americans are here and I had to take them out.Mycousin an Ex Army  and navy seal was itching to see how we Brits get down.I had to show him and my aunt a bit the soca scene. 
With Nottinghill Carnival quickly approaching my Caribbean waist was just itching  for a little, well not big shake .

We attended one of my favorite  events called  RED EYE.  The release the rhythm entertainment  always delivers and is on point to the dot with the  music.

This outfit was inspired by the British classic summer .As webapproach the end of summer, this ,orange blazer symbolizes the the  gradual sunsets of  our long bright days.
 The tweed shorts represents the eventuality of winter. NOOO I am not longer for winter but we have to be real here , this is England .

Even thought this material is recognized to be worn for outdoor sport activities  like shooting and hunting, I think tweed have come a long way from this stereotype .SO, worked it. Yes I am wearing what was used british uperclass winter sporting  clothing  in summer. Guess what, I was saving this shorts for the  winter season, and it works just fine for the summer .
So currents  thoughts  for this outfit is, season, what season?
The shorts represents the end of summer  but still brings life to this outfit .

Jacket- Primark
Shorts -Primark 
Shoes -Office


Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Last weekend was my summer solstice.Saturday was indeed the longest day of my summer. Woke up, spent the entire day cooking for my girls.I was happy they enjoyed the food, but my day was running on a schedule. I was expecting more guest later that evening. My  friend David was staying over for the wedding we all had to attend the next day ( for details of wedding outfit, look at blogpost CONTEMPORARYLY VINTAGE)
David and I go way,way back, he is actually one of my closest friends.Little did he know, he was going to be my photographer that night. I must say, it looked like he enjoyed it a bit more than me. I have to give compliments to is work too. I am very impressed with these photos.They didn't need much editing at all.

I am not going to pretend. This look was not forecasted. I literally went through my draws,  took the pants , vest, shoes,tied my head hair, then out came a fourth member of TLC.So I thought that would do.  I will never tired  of  any thing 90's. I had the  Best time back then, Plus some of the  best RNB tunes   were released at that time. So I painted my lips red, leant back a bit and and said yes, kudos to the good ole days. Well, I did not have time to ponder, as I was very late for a surprise birthday party. By the way , this was just a very small summary of half my day.

VEST-New Look
PANTS- Primark  -£9
SHOES- ASOS -£12.50


Thursday, 1 August 2013


I didn't go to a thrift shop of any kind  to pull off this outfit. I loc style fashion shop online mostly . I feel it's easier, more convenient and fits right into my lifestyle.My cousin and I stepped into Syd's vintage store in Sydenham,South London on our way to a wedding. The owner of the shop clearly thought we fitted in perfectly so she featured us on her Facebook page.

Have a look here

If I had to name this dress,I would call it the dust buster. STOP LAUGHING! Seriously. As beautiful as this dress may be, every type of dirt imaginable from make up to unexplained prints were left on the dress through out the day.

It was like a map . Starting from my top half to the hem line. Hansel and Gretel didn't need any bread crumbs to find their way home if they lived on this dress , I tell you ! 
Luckily , despite my dress being a dust buster, it looked positively radiant in photos. Always a plus.

Now, one other problem I had with this dress was I could not tell the colour . NO, you cheeky monkey I am not colour blind .Well the issue is, I expected a yellow bright lemon dress. When I received the dress, it looked more like a lime colour on its way to being  ripe. I am telling you, I was confused.
At the end of the wedding my friend  called me over asking excitedly as she was having a discussion with someone.What colour is your dress? As I walked over I admitted , held my hand up and said, I do not know guys. As I expect lemon but received something like lime, but anyway its all citrus. The two ladies then had  mini debate between them on whether it was lime or lemon. 
This dress is from , shoes from river island ,clutch from asos ,necklace H&M and earrings Primark . 
Hair- Done by me. 
Lipstick , ruby woo Mac cosmetics


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