Wednesday, 31 December 2014


  This blogpost is of for the last minute thinkers,
decision makers and risk takers.

No shopping needed, or running arounding to recreate these looks.
 Just use what's your closet.

 If you are looking for something different, with vibrance and class and quick and easy, look no further.


This leather crop top was a infact a leather dress.You could recreate this look with a print skater skirt and a black crop 


The leather sleeves in this dress really excites me. You can't go wrong with a bodycon. I choose this dress because of its leather sleeves and print. It slightly sticks to the tradition with accents of black.This dress screams class and sophistication.this look is easy pull off, just find a similar dress in your closet, whatever print or style and your favorite heels and you will be ok.

Spackle and Shine

  Enter the room slowly with grace, a smile and shine all night with this beautiful crop top from primark. I paired it with a floral pencil skirt from H&M. To create this look, be creative, mix prints, textures and colours to create an outfit that is individual to your personality.


Sunday, 30 November 2014


Caribbean Tales

Sunday Best

Be careful, do not wear all your clothes at once,
save it for special occasions.
 Save it for a Sunday,
Save for something good,
something worthy, something real.
You do not want to over do it.
 You don't want people saying you don't have nice clothes, no clothes or no money do you?
Save it,
It doesn't matter if you never wear it or always wear it on Sunday, 
 Just save it.Keep it clean,wash it , hang it, iron it . and
Save it.
You may grow out if it, but you will use it. I promise you.

Its new, you can't wear right away. You have to save it.
Wait, wait for the right time.
wait for a Sunday.

Everyone is out in the street after church and eat.
After drinks and spills,
After community games and grass stains.
 After house hoping and friend collecting,
Wear it, wear it then.

Show them that you have class and all that madras
A madame or monsieur of your castle of shack.
This day count, you will be as fresh as  a sugar cane and  two juicy mangoes,
With your creole blood, bone and hips.
Wear it , wear it then.

with Monday to Saturday being purely empty days feel work, trips to bush river or beach,
 why dress up ? why waste it?
unless you may go to town, Roseau ,
 You can't walk with banana stained shots and bleached washed tops for all to see.
So Sunday,
Sunday it will be.
Save It.

Author Tenisha Pascal

When this jumpsuit joined my clothes collection, I first thought, hmmmm. The material and print combo doesn't impress me much. It have gone two ways, give my grandma a jumpsuit for Christmas or turn it into cushions. My cape making class would have paid off there right? Honestly, these options were a little far fetched. I cannot imagine my little grandmother walking in a jumpsuit. 

Besides all of that, I gave it a chance, which was worth it. It worked perfectly, Who knew . I am even smiling while typing this. This outfit is great and can be worn during both winter and spring. Actually throughout  all seasons. 
I had such a crazy weekend. I seriously felt like I attend everyone birthday.I made it through though. This outfit was the last one worn this weekend.I chose it to reflect the occasion which was both christening and birthday.

 I choose to wear my pearls set, all bought separately. This set to gave the outfit a classy Sunday best, Church feel. The bold colour of the heels adds an element of  funk,which you all know I am always here for.

Overall  I love the jumpsuit  and I will definitely be using throughout all seasons.

Necklace Primark and H&M mix (old)
Jumpsuit  Asos  (sale) still available
Jacket Primark (sale)
shoes Newlook (find here)
Hair and makeup by me


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Try smiling with your eyes,
Try smiling with your hair,
Try smiling with your curves,
Try smiling with your lips,
Try smiling with your hips,

Gray today , tomorrow and maybe even next week. The art behind me will will never fade and will surely take the lead.

Gray tomorrow, tonight and last night,laugh our loud yes its a constant fight.

Shining always is the light behind your fight

Just take  some time and ,

Try smiling with your eyes
Try smiling with your hair
Try smiling with your curves
Try smiling with your lips
Try smiling with your hips

Author - Tenisha Pascal

 A simple grey on grey ensemble for a brunch date with with boo and photographer for the day, Carmen Bozzonetti. This outfit is low effort but very chic. I cannot express enough how much I love these jeans! You know Asos do great jeans right? Well, if you don't know, you know now.

By adding a statement piece necklace and over sized bag takes this outfit from drab to fab in a minute.

Ten Ten's Tiny Tip. If you have a love hate relationship with heels like me. Start with booties like these. I feel ever so sophisticated while practising for the real thing. The platform is solid and the heel is sturdy. 'Learning to walk again'

Top Jumper/Sweater shirt, still in stores - Primark ,find similar here
Jeans Asos ,Make sure you size up for this jeans , I am wearing a size 22, I am actually size 18. I had to send it back twice.Clearly,I really liked them.
Belt.- H&M Sales similar here
Shoes Primark
Coat H&M Plus
 Necklace- New Look
Scarf New Look


Friday, 7 November 2014

Curvy Black Dress

Every girl needs a black dress. They help you out in emergencies and of course adds simple elegance. Add bold accessories and a pump the volume lippie.
Dress from Asos Find similar here
Necklace from Newlook (sold out)
Earrings Aldo. (Sold out)
Hair done my me  


Friday, 15 August 2014


I have been searching for a comfortable high waisted jeans for, hmmmm a couple months.Well since Asos sent me a coupon for five years of shopping with them, I treated myself .Asos really have a way of getting at me . Like honestly, why would I need to celebrate my five year anniversary with a clothing company? I might as well buy some shares now! Before you know it, my ten anniversary will be up. 
Without a doubt I would want to celebrate in style. 

Should I say it? Errm, I will think about it. Ok, ok, I will tell you .Well well , I have to say this is the most comfortable Jeans I currently have . I bought to my true I size and they fitted perfectly . 
Positive points are that they stay up perfectly, I don't think I needed a belt  I was also surprised by the fit. 

I bought a few crop tops recently to get a feel of what type would work for me. Even though I really like this orange print crop top, and it fits well I personally think my crop top from my  H&M post works best for my shape. 

THE SHOES (Primark)
  I snapped these babes up for just change £12. I bought them  because it can be used both through summer Fall/winter. You can find similar here 

 These I bought in the Aldo sale. You all know how I feel about my sales.


Monday, 4 August 2014


Ok, I put my hands put. I have hoarding tendencies with African print cloth, I am not sure if the same thing happens to you.With all the excitement exerted I purchase every fabric with all hopes that it will grow up to be a beautiful pencil skirt, dress or jacket.Now, I can't safely say, that rarely happened.

Until recently! It all changed , I collected all my 5 yards and took them to made the tailor . I used my five year Ankara print to get a feel of the tailor before taking the big step.

I was impressed, although it is a pretty simple skirt to make and wear. I have to say it is an essential piece for spring/summer. I felt like a royal bride in this skirt I would say, It is the ultimate maxi skirt. It is a bespoke piece making  the length just perfect.

The shirt I bought from George Asda but you can find a similar at H&M . The Contrasting colours of the orange skirt and the pink  H&M shoulder bag with my diy head tie worked perfectly.  Find similar shoulder bag here.

My shoes are from (Asos), I know it is apparent as you can't  see my shoes . If you ever get the chance to sit down or climb some stairs you should be show off this flats. Let’s be honest, you could wear uggs or crocs underneath this skirt and you will still be safe . That's why it is the ultimate maxi skirt.

Necklace Primark
Skirt Bespoke (made to measure)
Head bow –Tied by me
Top – ( George Asda)
Hair and makeup --locstylefashion


Monday, 28 July 2014


As you know, H&M tries to fit us adults into kiddie sizes by running their clothes two sizes smaller than normal. That being said, I still order from them as they do some quality pieces.I don't have a problem ordering bigger sizes if necessary.Take this two piece floral set for example. I promise it's not a dress! It was love at first sight. I spied on it for awhile but it didn't move into the sale category as fast as I wanted. I then closed my eyes real real tight and got it .

It fitted perfectly. I am normally a size 16 skirt and the and 16 top.With H&M I had to size up and you all should too. I like my clothes fitted correctly and for my shape. Can you even imagine if this set was too big? You might just think I wrapped my curtains around me and call it a statement piece. 

Yes ladies and gents sizing is really important. Wearing the right size will not only make you feel comfortable but confident in what ever you choose to wear.I would never try to squeeze in to or buy something smaller hoping to fit into.

Although it's a floral print , all together the feel and the print screams Ankara (African wax print fabric)

This set fitted so perfectly , there was no need for any shapewear (control pants). This outfit would be appropriate for a garden party, wedding, evening dinner, lunch date. It all depends on how you want wear it. I will be doing a post to show how you could play with just the top and bottom as individual pieces.

Earrings --- Bought  in Dominica
Shoes------- Matalan ,find similar here
H&M----- Floral Skirt
H&M ------Floral Top
Necklace----Forever21 find similar here
Bangle ------- Brixton Market


Monday, 21 July 2014

Day to Night Featuring Asos Curve Tule Dress

My first day to night look. I do hope is the first of many to come.  I had been watching this ASOS dress from the beginning of summer.When I first saw it, I thought I had to have you. With my grandmother’s fugal ways forcefully instilled in me, I waited until it went on sale. I snatched this baby up as soon as the discount was reasonable enough. Word of advice, chose your sales, not every sale is for you. There may be bigger percentages round the corner.

Summer Day Look

This dress is versatile, the fact that it's a hybrid of  a bodycon dress and tule layer skirt. I thought I could play with it a little. I started off with the summer day look. I paired it up with a mix print converse and a bright pink belt to add a playful fresh colour to a rather plan canvas.
I used this dress as a blank canvas and set myself a challenge since I don’t usually wear grey. This is why the all accessories chosen are screams summer. I also paired this look with an ASOS time mix print clutch.When you have such a blank canvas like this dress, you can never over accessorize.

Summer Night Look

 I did a little more than just adding a pair of heels. Taah dahh ! It’s a new dress. Well no, not really, it’s the same dress. I would like to show you what a small change of accessories and how a one second alteration can transform this look from day to night.

I kept the bright pink belt, then took the Tule part of the dress and tuck one end underneath the belt. Make sure that the belt holds your chosen end securely. You would not want to be fixing you dress all night right?
Now that’s sorted, add a  gold or pink clutch  and finally your heels. Love these heels, not so much for comfort, because they are so dam pretty. It is the essence of summer itself. Flowers! Colour! Pop!

~Day look~
Belt         Primark

~Night ~
Clutch   vintage
Earrings  - A gift 


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