Friday, 3 January 2014


Well, I use to think I am allergic to wearing all black. This outfit was not planned. When packing  my bag for Christmas stay over, I picked up whatever I got my hands on then shoved it into my over night bag.
Luckily, all the fabric and colours danced together like it was meant to be.

 One of my goals of doing my blog is to inspire others. Remaining original and true to myself is what I have promised myself through this journey.My clothes are not expensive as I love a bargain/ a good sale .

The slient voice of colour speaks at higher frequencies than you could ever imagine. Now, your colour frequency dont have to be as high as mine. However you can slowly incorporate small coloured accessories into your wardrobe.From your underwear to your earrings,

My friends and family know me well. These earrings were given to me as a birthday gift . I cannot explain to you the amount of times I have put these beauties on but could not wear them. I already had too much going on. Finally the moment came and I cannot wait to wear them again.

The bag another gift from my fabulous cousin,not planned for the outfit as she gave it to me on the same day we took these pictures.

This vintage colour burst ensemble did not break that bank. Dress and Coat (Primark). Shoes ( ,Tights Mark and Spencer, Hat and  necklace (H&M)


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