Sunday, 23 March 2014


On the seventh day The Lord did rest. I take that very seriously.Well I basically I find it extremely hard to leave my house on a Sunday. My week is generally very hectic . I leave my house at 7 something Am and get home at 7/8 something Pm.It doesn't stop there. When I get home I have to cook, clean, prepare for the next day. So, I normally get to relax 10/11 pm .

Leaving my house last Sunday was pretty special .I l stayed in bed most of the day debating with myself on whether I should stay in or get dressed. I suddenly received a text. Where are you? I then took action. After all, I did promise my friend I would attend the jewellery event she was hosting. Am happy I did it. Am healed, no longer sundayphobic!

I had to rush to get to the event before it finished. This outfit was put together out of convenience. I will be honest I choose it to avoid the labouring and time consuming task of ironing.  Hey! give me a break! lol. We all do it at times. This time was my turn. My excuse, I was running late.

If I my say so myself, convenience paid of greatly. I love this outfit and I hope you do it too. Poka me some Dot everyday! The trousers/pants are just oh so comfortable and flattering for the curylady. I feel contemporarily vintage AGAIN.

This outfit will always have a shock factor to it .Why? Because you have to be confident to be able to play with so much print together. Which  you all should be! I especially LOVE it. When wearing such bold outfits you need to own it my sisters and brothers. OWN IT


 I bought these trousers the day before in store at forever21. The shirt was found  in 2013 ASOS summer sale.The clutch I purchased recently from ASOS sale for am tiny £16.50  half  the original price. The  necklace is an H&M great find  I got also last year in store.  Sometimes I really think of changing the name of this blog. I I ever do I would call it the sale shopper as I rarely buy an item at its full price.

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