Monday, 21 July 2014

Day to Night Featuring Asos Curve Tule Dress

My first day to night look. I do hope is the first of many to come.  I had been watching this ASOS dress from the beginning of summer.When I first saw it, I thought I had to have you. With my grandmother’s fugal ways forcefully instilled in me, I waited until it went on sale. I snatched this baby up as soon as the discount was reasonable enough. Word of advice, chose your sales, not every sale is for you. There may be bigger percentages round the corner.

Summer Day Look

This dress is versatile, the fact that it's a hybrid of  a bodycon dress and tule layer skirt. I thought I could play with it a little. I started off with the summer day look. I paired it up with a mix print converse and a bright pink belt to add a playful fresh colour to a rather plan canvas.
I used this dress as a blank canvas and set myself a challenge since I don’t usually wear grey. This is why the all accessories chosen are screams summer. I also paired this look with an ASOS time mix print clutch.When you have such a blank canvas like this dress, you can never over accessorize.

Summer Night Look

 I did a little more than just adding a pair of heels. Taah dahh ! It’s a new dress. Well no, not really, it’s the same dress. I would like to show you what a small change of accessories and how a one second alteration can transform this look from day to night.

I kept the bright pink belt, then took the Tule part of the dress and tuck one end underneath the belt. Make sure that the belt holds your chosen end securely. You would not want to be fixing you dress all night right?
Now that’s sorted, add a  gold or pink clutch  and finally your heels. Love these heels, not so much for comfort, because they are so dam pretty. It is the essence of summer itself. Flowers! Colour! Pop!

~Day look~
Belt         Primark

~Night ~
Clutch   vintage
Earrings  - A gift 


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