Friday, 15 August 2014


I have been searching for a comfortable high waisted jeans for, hmmmm a couple months.Well since Asos sent me a coupon for five years of shopping with them, I treated myself .Asos really have a way of getting at me . Like honestly, why would I need to celebrate my five year anniversary with a clothing company? I might as well buy some shares now! Before you know it, my ten anniversary will be up. 
Without a doubt I would want to celebrate in style. 

Should I say it? Errm, I will think about it. Ok, ok, I will tell you .Well well , I have to say this is the most comfortable Jeans I currently have . I bought to my true I size and they fitted perfectly . 
Positive points are that they stay up perfectly, I don't think I needed a belt  I was also surprised by the fit. 

I bought a few crop tops recently to get a feel of what type would work for me. Even though I really like this orange print crop top, and it fits well I personally think my crop top from my  H&M post works best for my shape. 

THE SHOES (Primark)
  I snapped these babes up for just change £12. I bought them  because it can be used both through summer Fall/winter. You can find similar here 

 These I bought in the Aldo sale. You all know how I feel about my sales.


Monday, 4 August 2014


Ok, I put my hands put. I have hoarding tendencies with African print cloth, I am not sure if the same thing happens to you.With all the excitement exerted I purchase every fabric with all hopes that it will grow up to be a beautiful pencil skirt, dress or jacket.Now, I can't safely say, that rarely happened.

Until recently! It all changed , I collected all my 5 yards and took them to made the tailor . I used my five year Ankara print to get a feel of the tailor before taking the big step.

I was impressed, although it is a pretty simple skirt to make and wear. I have to say it is an essential piece for spring/summer. I felt like a royal bride in this skirt I would say, It is the ultimate maxi skirt. It is a bespoke piece making  the length just perfect.

The shirt I bought from George Asda but you can find a similar at H&M . The Contrasting colours of the orange skirt and the pink  H&M shoulder bag with my diy head tie worked perfectly.  Find similar shoulder bag here.

My shoes are from (Asos), I know it is apparent as you can't  see my shoes . If you ever get the chance to sit down or climb some stairs you should be show off this flats. Let’s be honest, you could wear uggs or crocs underneath this skirt and you will still be safe . That's why it is the ultimate maxi skirt.

Necklace Primark
Skirt Bespoke (made to measure)
Head bow –Tied by me
Top – ( George Asda)
Hair and makeup --locstylefashion


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