Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Try smiling with your eyes,
Try smiling with your hair,
Try smiling with your curves,
Try smiling with your lips,
Try smiling with your hips,

Gray today , tomorrow and maybe even next week. The art behind me will will never fade and will surely take the lead.

Gray tomorrow, tonight and last night,laugh our loud yes its a constant fight.

Shining always is the light behind your fight

Just take  some time and ,

Try smiling with your eyes
Try smiling with your hair
Try smiling with your curves
Try smiling with your lips
Try smiling with your hips

Author - Tenisha Pascal

 A simple grey on grey ensemble for a brunch date with with boo and photographer for the day, Carmen Bozzonetti. This outfit is low effort but very chic. I cannot express enough how much I love these jeans! You know Asos do great jeans right? Well, if you don't know, you know now.

By adding a statement piece necklace and over sized bag takes this outfit from drab to fab in a minute.

Ten Ten's Tiny Tip. If you have a love hate relationship with heels like me. Start with booties like these. I feel ever so sophisticated while practising for the real thing. The platform is solid and the heel is sturdy. 'Learning to walk again'

Top Jumper/Sweater shirt, still in stores - Primark ,find similar here
Jeans Asos ,Make sure you size up for this jeans , I am wearing a size 22, I am actually size 18. I had to send it back twice.Clearly,I really liked them.
Belt.- H&M Sales similar here
Shoes Primark
Coat H&M Plus
 Necklace- New Look
Scarf New Look



  1. I love the intro to this post - good piece of writing! :) The photos are fab too! :)

  2. I love this look!!!! This looks like something I would definitely wear myself!!!! It's relaxed but still stylish!!!!!

  3. Very pretty! You are adorable!


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