Sunday, 30 November 2014


Caribbean Tales

Sunday Best

Be careful, do not wear all your clothes at once,
save it for special occasions.
 Save it for a Sunday,
Save for something good,
something worthy, something real.
You do not want to over do it.
 You don't want people saying you don't have nice clothes, no clothes or no money do you?
Save it,
It doesn't matter if you never wear it or always wear it on Sunday, 
 Just save it.Keep it clean,wash it , hang it, iron it . and
Save it.
You may grow out if it, but you will use it. I promise you.

Its new, you can't wear right away. You have to save it.
Wait, wait for the right time.
wait for a Sunday.

Everyone is out in the street after church and eat.
After drinks and spills,
After community games and grass stains.
 After house hoping and friend collecting,
Wear it, wear it then.

Show them that you have class and all that madras
A madame or monsieur of your castle of shack.
This day count, you will be as fresh as  a sugar cane and  two juicy mangoes,
With your creole blood, bone and hips.
Wear it , wear it then.

with Monday to Saturday being purely empty days feel work, trips to bush river or beach,
 why dress up ? why waste it?
unless you may go to town, Roseau ,
 You can't walk with banana stained shots and bleached washed tops for all to see.
So Sunday,
Sunday it will be.
Save It.

Author Tenisha Pascal

When this jumpsuit joined my clothes collection, I first thought, hmmmm. The material and print combo doesn't impress me much. It have gone two ways, give my grandma a jumpsuit for Christmas or turn it into cushions. My cape making class would have paid off there right? Honestly, these options were a little far fetched. I cannot imagine my little grandmother walking in a jumpsuit. 

Besides all of that, I gave it a chance, which was worth it. It worked perfectly, Who knew . I am even smiling while typing this. This outfit is great and can be worn during both winter and spring. Actually throughout  all seasons. 
I had such a crazy weekend. I seriously felt like I attend everyone birthday.I made it through though. This outfit was the last one worn this weekend.I chose it to reflect the occasion which was both christening and birthday.

 I choose to wear my pearls set, all bought separately. This set to gave the outfit a classy Sunday best, Church feel. The bold colour of the heels adds an element of  funk,which you all know I am always here for.

Overall  I love the jumpsuit  and I will definitely be using throughout all seasons.

Necklace Primark and H&M mix (old)
Jumpsuit  Asos  (sale) still available
Jacket Primark (sale)
shoes Newlook (find here)
Hair and makeup by me



  1. I love the whole outfit! The pop of red, the pearls, the gorgeous floral pattern of the jumpsuit--you look fabulous.

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I do appreciate you support.

  2. Honeyyyyyyyyy, you are amazing! Just beautiful

  3. Those red shoes made this outfit! Love it! Now I want to try these colors together.
    ~ Educated Glamour Girl


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